Air Conditioner Maintenance: A Must-Have Service That Improves EfficiencyTrying to find the time for air conditioner maintenance may be difficult for many homeowners, with all the other chores on your list. But it’s important to find the time — before the heat gets really oppressive and your system is operating continuously — to improve efficiency and avoid unexpected complications.

If your time is limited, schedule air conditioner maintenance with a professional technician. A professional inspection will ensure your system is running smoothly, save you money in energy costs, extend the life of the unit and avoid costly repairs later on.

During a comprehensive inspection, your technician will examine and correct issues, including:

  • Evaporator coils: Dirty evaporator coils will hinder the process of absorbing heat being transferred to the condenser unit, and delay the cooling process.
  • Filters: Blocked or dirty filters will restrict airflow to the unit, and eventually allow dirt to enter the system.
  • Condenser coils and fins: The fins collect outdoor dirt, leaves and grass, and restrict the airflow to the coils. The coils transfer heat to the outdoors and the air passing over the coils cools the refrigerant returning to the air handler. Dirt collected on the coils slows the operation.
  • Ducts: Dirty ducts means there is a possible leak in the seams or joints. Dirt and pollutants will flow to your rooms and may aggravate health issues of family members with upper-respiratory conditions. Leaks also allow unconditioned air to alter conditioned air in your ducts. If moisture is present in the ducts, mold may grow.
  • Refrigerant: The refrigerant line is located outdoors and protected with insulation. Old, worn insulation will alter the temperature of the refrigerant going to the air handler. If leaks develop on the line, the refrigerant levels will drop, affecting your cooling system.

In addition to the above details, a professional will check other areas that improve energy efficiency:

  • Thermostat accuracy.
  • Insulation.
  • Condensate pan and drain.
  • Electrical terminals and connections.

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