What Do the A/C Coils Do, and Why Should They Be Cleaned?Just about all air conditioners (A/Cs) have at least one coil. A typical split system A/C has both an indoor evaporator coil and an outdoor condenser coil. They are one of the most important parts of your system, which is why it is important to maintain them. Clean coils will help your system function at the highest efficiency it is able to.

What Are Coils?

Coils are designed to facilitate heat transfer between air and refrigerant. The refrigerant that runs through the coils can rapidly absorb or discharge heat in the right conditions.

The refrigerant is expanded and cooled before it enters the indoor evaporator coil, so that it can absorb as much heat as possible from the indoor air, which causes it to turn back into vapor. The vapor then travels to the outdoor condenser unit.

Before running through the outdoor coil, the vapor is compressed to raise its temperature even more. The heated refrigerant rapidly releases heat through the outdoor coil where it can be blown away. The process then repeats itself as long as the A/C is running.

Why Maintenance Is Important

Your A/C coils can get dirty, just like any other part of your system. The outdoor coil is especially vulnerable, as loose dirt and dust can be carried into the condenser unit by the wind.

When debris like dirt and dust accumulate on the coils, it impedes heat transfer. This means that you will have to run your A/C longer to remove the amount of heat necessary to cool your home.

Ideally you should have your coils cleaned at least at the start and end of the cooling season. It is possible to do this maintenance job on your own, but it is often better to have a professional handle it to ensure no damage is done to nearby components.

If you need professional help cleaning you central Arizona home’s A/C coils, don’t hesitate to contact Wolff Mechanical.

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