Current A/C Older but not That Old? Some Reasons to Move OnAs a rule of thumb, we recommend clients replace their A/C when it is 10 years old or more, or when repair costs begin to approach 50 percent of the total replacement value. The reasons for this rationale are two-fold.

First, a new energy-efficient air conditioner will significantly reduce your utility bills. In a hot desert climate like ours, those savings add up quickly. There’s a good chance your upgrade will pay for itself in the first couple of years. Secondly, a new air conditioner should only require routine annual maintenance visits for the first several years of its life, which saves you money in continual repair costs.

Still not sure if your older A/C unit should be replaced? Here are additional reasons to consider moving forward with a replacement.

Energy savings benefit the environment. Saving money on your monthly utility bills isn’t the only reason to consider an A/C upgrade. The less energy your unit consumes to keep your indoor temperatures comfortable, the less fossil fuels are required to do the job. This is good for the environment and the future of our planet.

Decline in R-22 Freon refrigerant replacements. If your air conditioner was manufactured prior to 2010, there is a good chance it requires R-22 refrigerant. R-22, also known as Freon, contains chlorofluorocarbons that emit toxic, ozone-depleting chlorine. The Environmental Protection Agency has placed stringent production restrictions on companies that manufacture R-22 Freon. As of 2010, air conditioner manufacturers have only been allowed to manufacture A/Cs that use R-410, which is a safer refrigerant alternative. If your older unit requires R-22 Freon, your maintenance costs will begin to increase drastically as R-22 supplies dwindle.

Enhanced indoor comfort. Newer air conditioners, combined with efficient duct design, are able to control your interior temperatures more precisely. Homeowners are able to control temperatures on a room-by-room basis.

Improved indoor air quality. Replacing your older A/C with a new one translates to improved indoor air quality. Newer systems have options for high-tech air cleaners and whole-house humidification.

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