The ductless mini-split system has been gaining in popularity. It’s a cooling (or heating and cooling) system that has been around in Asian and European countries for years. The Japanese have made wide use of these systems because a large home comfort system with ducting is not practical in crowded neighborhoods. These systems were developed to provide comfort in a small space. Their practicality has many applications here in the Phoenix Valley area as well.

Multiple Reasons For Having a Mini-Split

Ductless mini-split units are perfect for room additions. If you’ve added a room on for an aging in-law, a sun room or a room for entertaining, these systems are perfect. Adding a room may stretch your capacity to heat and cool the home with new extra space. Or, bringing ducts to the new space may not be possible. In those cases, these systems offer the perfect solution. They can heat and cool the new area comfortably and quietly without detracting from the comfort of the other rooms in the home.

How They Work

Ductless mini-splits consist of an outside unit with the condenser and compressor. A small opening in the wall connects it to the inside evaporator and air handler. Because there are no ducts, there is no loss of heated or cooled air as it travels through ducting. So the energy-efficiency is quite practical. The outside unit is compact and can be located up to 50 feet from the home for aesthetic or reduced noise purposes. The inside unit can be mounted into a wall or ceiling.  It has a low profile, much lower than a window air conditioning unit. There are even free-standing models for those who prefer to not have the indoor unit in the wall or ceiling. One outdoor unit can accommodate up to four interior units with separate thermostats for large additions.

Their easy installation makes them a perfect solution for expanded home areas.

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