phoenix arizonaAccording to some news outlets, air conditioner refrigerant is the fourth most-used drug that teenagers seek out. It’s up to every homeowner to protect their air conditioners, as too little refrigerant can lead to a host of costly problems down the line. The good news is that a low-cost solution is available. Now, investing in a locking cap can protect your system — and save lives.



If you suspect that area youth are huffing refrigerant from your air conditioner, you may have noticed either unusually and suddenly high energy bills. Alternatively, in haste, someone may have failed to put the cap back on the refrigerant valve line, and it may be lying on the ground.

While young people have experimented with a variety of drugs over the centuries, huffing refrigerant is of particular concern. One never knows what effect it will have on an individual, and serious health problems can ensue, from burning in the eyes to high blood pressure to sudden death, heart attacks, and lack of brain activity.

The very real concern that huffing refrigerant poses is paramount; however, its effects on your air conditioner are just as real — and lasting. With too little refrigerant powering your air conditioner, it will place undue stress on the A/C components, such as the compressor, which will eventually cause it to wear out, and possibly cause damage to other parts of the air conditioner.

And those high energy bills that it causes are real too. In fact, when an air conditioner operates with just a 10 percent decrease in refrigerant, the system will consume 20 percent more energy to operate, resulting in through-the-roof energy bills if left unchecked over time.

The best way to save lives and protect your system is to have an HVAC expert install a locking cap on your air conditioner, accessible only with a key, which will prevent anyone from accessing the refrigerant valve.

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