December 23, 2015

If you haven’t checked your air filter in over a month, take a look at it. Aren’t you glad all that dirt, dust and debris is caught in the filter and not stuck to the A/C coil, air ducts, furnishings, bedding and everywhere else in your HVAC system and home? Brush up on your filter knowledge, and keep your HVAC system running better while using less energy, and maintain healthy indoor air quality for your home.

Protect HVAC Equipment

Air filters are typically located behind air-return grilles or in air-return ducts just before the furnace system. The role of an air filter is to capture airborne dust and contaminants before they enter the heart of the HVAC system, and prevents debris from re-circulating through the home.

A good quality filter (and changing it regularly) offers the following benefits:

    • Captures dust and debris before it sticks to the evaporator coil and air ducts, which impedes heat exchange, airflow and increases energy bills.
    • Captures mold spores, which helps prevent mold and mildew accumulation on components and inside the home.
    • Protects air handler and blower fins and motor from debris accumulation, which may lead to early failure.


Protect Home Air Quality

Air filters also help protect air quality inside the home, which is a boon for occupants sensitive to allergens and dust in the Phoenix area. Here’s some tips for selecting and using a filter for your home:

    • Check your air filter monthly. A clogged filter increases electric bills and wears out HVAC components.
    • Use a higher-efficiency filter. Pleated filters offer excellent capturing efficiency without impeding airflow too much.
    • Look for filters rated MERV 8-12. Filters in this range capture a plethora of contaminants, micro-organisms and allergens. (MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value.)
    • Avoid filters rated MERV 1-4. These filters are typically disposable fiberglass, and do not off significant capturing qualities.


Air filters are simple devices that protect many vital HVAC components and the air you and your loved ones breathe. For more air filter tips in your Phoenix area home, please contact us at Wolff Mechanical today.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the Phoenix Valley area of Arizona about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

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