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EPA logoAir quality is an important factor to consider for the overall wellbeing of a household. Changes in air quality can affect the health of the household. Indoor air quality can significantly deteriorate unless measures are adopted to keep the air clean and fresh. Due to outdoor heat, the majority of homes are airtight. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollutant levels can be 5 times more than that of outdoor air.

Air purifiers are used in residential as well as commercial buildings to maintain the quality of air. These types of equipment hold the pollutants from entering the inside of the building and thus prove helpful in filtering out the harmful organisms and particles from affecting the health of the inhabitants.

Maintenance and repair of air purifiers are essential for their sound functioning. If your air conditioning, heating, or air purifying system is not working properly, you can call a service provider to restore the system to its initial working state. At Wolff Mechanical, Inc., our team of trained and qualified technicians can provide you timely and affordable services regarding your air conditioning and heating needs. We have years of experience in servicing these types of equipment and we can tackle even the most difficult challenges while troubleshooting your equipment.

We can install and service air purification systems in your facility. Proper functioning of an air purification system is vital for the removal of airborne pathogens and viruses. These systems also help in removing lingering trash and food preparation odors. Thus, a working air purification system can significantly improve the quality of your life while it contributes towards your good health.

You can call Wolff Mechanical, Inc. for help when any of these systems fail. Our technicians will come to your premise in no time to do the necessary maintenance work. We are affordable and serve our customers 24/7 all days a week.


Pollutants, dust, dander, pollen, smoke and even pathogens such as mold, viruses ad bacteria all can be suspended in the air you breathe, even when you don’t see them.  An iWave air purifier installs in your air conditioning system to help clean the air in your living space.  When air passes over the iWave, ions produced by the device reduce pathogens and other airborne particles, creating a healthy environment without producing any harmful byproducts.

iWave uses patented needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) technology to create equal amounts of positive and negative ions.  When these ions are injected into the air stream, they break down passing pollutants and gases into harmless compounds like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapor (see illustration below).

When the ions come in contact with viruses, bacteria or mold, they remove the hydrogen molecules – without them, the pathogens have no source of energy and will die.  The ions also attach to allergens like pollen and other particles, causing them to band together until they are large enough to be caught by your ventilation system’s air filter.  This process is proven by independent laboratory testing to be both safe and effective.

iWave’s technology generates the same ions that nature creates with lightening, waterfalls, ocean waves, etc.  Nature uses energy and shear to break apart molecules, naturally cleaning the air and producing a healthy environment.  The only difference between the iWave’s technology and nature is that the iWave does it without developing harmful ozone.

Watch the mold and smoke demos:
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