Are Ductless Mini Splits as Versatile as So Often Touted? Read OnIt’s likely that most of what you’ve heard about ductless mini splits has been positive, especially concerning their energy efficiency and versatility. Time is one of the best product testers, and these HVAC systems have lived up to their reputations as versatile heat pump systems, and now enjoy even more advantages than when they were first introduced.

A ductless mini split is a heat pump that that doesn’t use ductwork to deliver conditioned air. Their energy efficiency is remarkable because they deliver the air directly from one or more indoor air handlers instead of experiencing thermal and air losses through a ductwork system. And as the industry has improved on the energy efficiency offered by heat pumps, mini splits have followed suit.

Recent Improvements Include:

  • Longer conduits. In the past, homeowners were limited by the length of the conduit connecting the outside condensing/compressor unit, which typically measured 15 feet. Now these conduits are available at lengths up to 200 feet, a vast improvement for homeowners who want to add more than one air handler to the mini split’s outdoor unit. The largest condensers can support up to four separate air handlers, but the 15-foot conduit length limited some system expansions.
  • Better efficiency. Ductless mini splits have always offered solid efficiency, but new developments in technology help you get more from what they offer. The new technology senses coil performance better. Ductless mini splits can now reach efficiencies as high as 11 HSPF (heating season performance factor) and 23 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). In the U.S., the minimum HSPF on the market stands at 7.7 and minimum SEER at 13. The HSPF indicates the heating efficiency and the SEER the cooling efficiency. Such high efficiencies represent some of the highest in the HVAC industry.
  • Better indoor air quality. Some mini splits clean the air as they condition it, removing airborne particulates, including allergens and mold, combining an effective air cleaner with an efficient conditioning appliance.

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