Attic Ductwork Design Affects Energy SavingsThe Arizona climate is such that you can’t live without air conditioning. Ductwork is the delivery system for conditioned air traveling from your central air conditioning or heating unit to the rooms of your home. Don’t underestimate the ductwork design of your enclosed attic, which is critical to proper airflow and energy savings. Many homes in Arizona have uninsulated duct spaces, and it’s a costly mistake. If you’re building a new home, make sure your ductwork comes with insulation. If you have an older home, consider this energy- and cost-efficient upgrade.

Leaky ducts are a common issue that not only creates more work for your HVAC system, but also runs up your energy bills. Have older ductwork design checked by a trained professional for leakage. This problem is often found in attics where improperly sealed ducts leak heated or cooled air.

The Department of Energy offers a few tips about checking and sealing your ducts:

  • Look for sections of ductwork that have separated or have holes.
  • Use mastic, butyl or foil tape with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) logo.
  • If you have a fuel-burning furnace, stove or an attached garage, install a carbon monoxide (CO) monitor to detect the odorless but deadly gas.
  • You can do the minor tapings, but if you want to change or have larger duct design repairs, call a qualified professional.

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