Can Your Home Benefit From a Professional Duct Cleaning?Should you clean your ductwork? It only seems logical that, over time, the inside of your ducts are going to get dirty. While this is not a procedure that you need to have done every year, a professional duct cleaning is something you should consider on occasion.

When Duct Cleaning Is Crucial

There are certain circumstances where having your ducts cleaned is a must:

  • There is mold growth on the inside of the ducts. Have suspected mold confirmed by a professional before undertaking duct cleaning. Mold needs moist conditions to grow. Find out where the water is coming from and fix that problem first. Then make any duct repairs and have the cleaning done.
  • The airflow is restricted due to dust clogs. Your HVAC system needs clear airflow to heat and cool your home properly. If the air is being restricted by excessive dust pockets, you need to have the ducts cleaned thoroughly.
  • Showers of dust are coming out of the vents when you turn the HVAC system on. This is easy to spot. Have someone watch the vents to see if dust is coming out when the system kicks on. If this happens with multiple vents, a good cleaning of the ducts may be in order.
  • There has been a vermin infestation in the ducts. Rodents and insects often use ductwork as homes and passageways. They leave behind fecal matter and body parts. That stuff can become airborne and cause allergy symptoms in people who breathe it in. Deal with the vermin infestation first, then block future access to the ducts. Finally, you should have all the ducts professionally cleaned.

The older your ductwork is, the more likely it needs to be cleaned. If you decide to have a professional duct cleaning done, it is the perfect time for the HVAC technicians to make any repairs and insulated it at the same time.

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