IAQ – Indoor Air Quality

Duct Efficiency Is (Partly) Determined By Insulation

By |January 27th, 2012|Air Conditioning, Air ducts, Ductwork, Heating, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Preventive Maintenance, Ventilation|

The heating and cooling efficiency of your home is the result of several factors, including air sealing, upgrading insulation and using an efficient HVAC system, that combine to achieve energy savings for Phoenix Valley homeowners. [...]

Indoor Air Quality Strategies: Three Steps That Will Take It From Poor To Effective

By |January 27th, 2012|Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Tips, HVAC Contractor, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality|

If you have concerns about the quality of your home’s air, you’re not alone. And there’s good reason for questioning your home’s air quality, as even the federal EPA has listed indoor air as one [...]

Dry Home? Is A Whole-House Humidifier Or Portable Unit For You?

By |January 27th, 2012|Air Conditioning, Filtration, High-Efficiency, HVAC Contractor, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality|

To combat the negative effects of dry air, especially in extremely dry areas like the Phoenix Valley, a whole-house humidifier is critical. Portable units are also an option, and while both devices have their advantages [...]

Variable-Speed Air Handlers Offer Enhanced Savings And Comfort

By |January 14th, 2012|Air Conditioning, Filtration, High-Efficiency, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality|

Variable-speed air handlers for HVAC systems produce multiple benefits for homeowners, including lower energy bills, more consistent comfort levels, and improved filtration and humidity control. This is especially important for residents of Central Arizona, where [...]

Use Your Whole-House Humidification System To Gain Energy Savings During Cooler Weather

By |December 26th, 2011|Air Conditioning Tips, Furnaces, HVAC Contractor, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality|

Whole-house humidification systems position homeowners to save significantly. This is particularly true for Phoenix Valley homeowners who experience dry desert conditions year-round, compounding the problem of dry air that comes around each winter. A whole-house [...]

Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Might Be Compromised By The Convenience Of Your Attached Garage

By |December 20th, 2011|IAQ – Indoor Air Quality|

Most homeowners are aware that outdoor pollutants can degrade indoor air quality, but you might be surprised to learn that your attached garage can be a significant contributor to poor indoor air quality. It’s therefore [...]

Get Familiar With Your Home As A System And Manage Energy Savings

By |November 18th, 2011|Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Tips, Heating, HVAC Contractor, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Insulation|

If you think of your home as a system of integrated parts working together to maintain your indoor environment, you will be able to balance your energy use with your family's comfort during every season [...]

You Might Know That Changing Air Filters Regularly Is Important, But Do You Know Why?

By |November 1st, 2011|Air ducts, Air Filters, Ductwork, Filtration, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Preventive Maintenance|

Even though you may use your furnace, boiler or other heating system less than your air conditioner, it’s still important to give your heating system the  annual maintenance it needs to run properly. Here are [...]

Air-Purification Systems Are Central Command Posts For Indoor Air Quality: Who Does Your Air Report To?

By |October 24th, 2011|Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Tips, Air Filters, Filtration, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation|

On high-pollution days or during peak allergy season, people are often advised to stay indoors to reduce respiratory irritation.  But did you know that indoor air is frequently worse than outside air? The Environmental Protection [...]

The Summer Season In Phoenix Is Long: Advance Your Air Circulation With These Tips

By |September 8th, 2011|Air Conditioning, Air Filters, Fans, Filtration, Heating, IAQ – Indoor Air Quality, Mold, Preventive Maintenance, Service & Maintenance|

In Phoenix, summer can seem to drag on. You may be cooped up in your home because outdoor temperatures are close to unbearable. But that can affect your health if the air quality in our homes isn’t all that good. Poor indoor air quality can worsen allergies and asthma. Consider taking a few simple measures to correct that situation. […]