Be Aware of Common Air Conditioner Problems and Ways to Fix ThemWe are all familiar with the scorching temperatures here in the Valley of the Sun, and it is no fun when your home feels like a convection oven inside. There are times when no matter what you do, the air conditioner in your home just doesn’t seem to keep up. That may be due in part to some common air conditioner problems that are putting a strain on your HVAC system. 

While there is no one particular cause of these problems, the number one issue is usually a lack of adequate maintenance to your system. To keep the air conditioner running in a state of efficiency requires regular maintenance. This means changing out the air filter every month. Air filters clog with dust and particulates quickly and this causes your system to work harder to keep an adequate airflow moving through your home. 

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that you use a qualified technician that can properly inspect and repair your air conditioning system. All too often someone who is not qualified to do this will exacerbate problems rather than fix them. Here are some common air conditioner problems that a reputable technician will look for when servicing your system: 

Refrigerant Leaks – If the system is low on refrigerant it is for a reason. Either there is a leak in the system or the appropriate amount was never added. A qualified technician will inspect and repair any leaks before adding the correct amount of refrigerant according to manufacturer specifications.  

Electronic System Controls – A qualified technician will inspect and tighten all electrical connections. Corrosion to electrical leads could also cause the system to malfunction. In addition, the fan and compressor will be fully checked to ensure that they are operating proficiently. 

Coils and Condensate Drains – Sometimes these drains can become clogged. The technician will check and unplug any blockages. The technician should also inspect and clean the coils. 

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