Do You Know How a Dual Fuel Heat Pump Can Benefit Your Home?Dual fuel systems that combine a gas furnace and an electric heat pump are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. If you’re planning to replace existing HVAC equipment, choosing a dual fuel heat pump can offer some significant benefits.

Improved Energy Efficiency

A dual fuel system brings you the performance advantages of a heat pump and a gas furnace while minimizing the shortfalls of each type of equipment. It’s especially advantageous in our climate where heat pump technology can cool and heat a home almost year-round. On those occasions when the heat pump can’t warm a home sufficiently, the system automatically switches over to the gas furnace. This eliminates the need for expensive backup electric resistance heat strips.

Enhanced Comfort

The combination of electric and gas heat functionality makes it easier to maintain a consistent indoor comfort level. The system setup allows for a seamless transition from heat pump to gas heating when it’s needed, which results in fewer temperature fluctuations and greater comfort.

Cost Savings

The initial purchase price of a dual fuel system may seem high in comparison to a standard heat pump, but keep in mind that you’re purchasing both a heating and cooling system in one unit. Since it’s a single unit, you’ll save money on equipment costs in comparison to purchasing both a heat pump and a furnace. The increased efficiency of the system makes it a worthwhile investment because you can reduce energy consumption and operating costs over the long term. You’ll also see savings on yearly preventative maintenance since only one visit is necessary.

Less Impact on the Environment

Heat pumps are designed to optimize the efficient use of electricity by drawing warmth in the outdoor air indoors to heat a home. With a dual fuel system, the heat pump operates at least 85 percent of the time, and gas is used only as a supplemental heat source. This reduces reliance on fossil fuels, so it’s more environmentally friendly.

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