Good Duct Design Can Minimize Energy LossesMany homeowners are concerned about the expense of heating and cooling their homes. They often don’t realize their utility bills are higher than necessary because their home is losing energy due to bad duct design. Your home’s duct system is essential to having an energy-efficient home. If your duct system is poorly designed, it often leads to adjusting your thermostat to extremes just to keep your home comfortable. By doing this, you are using more energy than should be necessary to compensate for the energy loss — making for a very costly utility bill each month.

Poor duct design is one of the biggest culprits of energy loss in the home. Studies show that 25 to 40 percent of your home’s energy is lost through ducts in attics or crawl spaces. However, your ducts may be leaking energy in other areas as well. Your HVAC professional can tell you that one of the main ways poor duct design causes energy loss is by air leaking through cracks in the duct system, or through loose seams in the duct joints.

A qualified HVAC contractor can assess your home’s duct design to diagnose any leakage from problems areas, and will advise you if the best alternative is to repair, replace or renovate your duct system.

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