Duct Repair Rebate Programs Save You Energy And CostsThough you may keep your Arizona home well-maintained by having preventative maintenance performed on your HVAC system, you might be overlooking your air ducts. Allergy and respiratory issues can be exacerbated by duct issues, which can include leaks and the like. If you or your family has allergy issues or if you suspect your ducts might need some attention, now’s the time to schedule an appointment while you can take advantage of a duct repair rebate.

Utilizing duct repair rebates can save home and business owners money spent on energy costs. Because Arizona stays dry the majority of the year, it’s important to know where energy might be escaping, so you can keep your home cool and comfortable.This program helps you identify where you might be losing energy. The APS duct test and repair program offers rebates of up to $250 for homeowners who have their Phoenix metro homes assessed and duct leaks repaired and sealed.Using a duct repair rebate to improve your home’s ductwork comes with several benefits, including:

  • Reduced utility cost – According to Energy.gov, keeping your air ducts clean and free of debris cuts down on additional utility costs. Arizona counties have a utility rebate program, which is a great incentive to reducing energy costs.
  • Decreased testing and repair costs – Using a duct repair rebate can add up to great savings, and when little problems are caught early, bigger problems can be prevented.

For more expert advice about how a duct repair rebate can save you energy and money, contact the pros at Wolff Mechanical. We’ve been serving Phoenix, Scottsdale and central Arizona homeowners area since 1990.

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