Duct Sealing Takes Unruly Energy Bills And Reforms ThemIf your energy bills are getting out of control in your central Arizona home, maybe it’s time to look where your cooled air is going.

According to the federal Energy Star program, about 20 percent of cooled and heated air is lost to leaks in the ductwork of the average home. Some of that air goes into areas that do not receive air conditioning or heating, such as garages, crawl spaces and attics that ductwork passes through.

If you have a room or two in your house that is difficult to heat or feels stuffy, that’s another sign you may have leaky ductwork. When air is lost through leaks, your system has to work harder and becomes less effective at delivering conditioned air.

Duct sealing
can bring a consistent cooling and greater comfort to your home. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Lower cooling and heating bills.
  • Consistent delivery of conditioned air to all rooms.
  • Less wear and tear on your HVAC system.
  • Less impact on the environment.
  • Better air quality because contaminants can no longer enter the duct system.

Check for leaks in your ductwork, paying close attention to connections at floors, walls and ceilings. Inspect ducts for damage and look for disconnected ducts. Leaks should be sealed with mastic-type sealant or metal tape. Also, ductwork that passes through areas that are not cooled and heated should be insulated to keep from wasting the conditioned air.

A professional HVAC contractor is ideal for duct sealing and installation. The contractor can evaluate your entire duct system, repair damages, seal leaks and connections, insulate ducts and evaluate airflow after the job is done.

For best results, consider annual HVAC maintenance to keep on top of your entire system. Routine service can pay for itself in the long run with lower heating bills, greater energy efficiency and a more comfortable home.

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