Wolff Mechanical: Ductless Mini Split System Cave Creek AZ

There are numerous AC configurations that homeowners can choose from for cooling their home. Each of these has their own pros and cons. Some use air ducts and others don’t. Many feature a massive central unit while the rest have much several smaller units for discrete temperature control in each area. As for the ductless mini split system Cave Creek AZ residents like it because of the following benefits:

Less Noise

A split system, as the name implies, is broken down into two separate units. One is meant to be placed indoors while the other stays outdoors. Instead of a large duct, there is a small air hose connecting the two. The noise-generating components of the AC are typically left outside so the occupants of the room can enjoy peace and quiet. This makes it great for baby rooms, home offices, study rooms, and other spaces that are sensitive to sound.

Simple Installation

These are certainly simpler to install compared to centralized systems. They are local to the room so there is no need to install a network of ducts to distribute air across the structure. Unlike single standalone units, installers don’t have to cut open a section of the wall. Just a small hole where the hose can fit is enough to make it all work. If there is no open space dedicated to an AC on the wall, then this is the way to go.

Smaller Indoor Footprint

This configuration is also ideal for tiny rooms because it takes up so little space. It can be hung up high on a wall or any spot that is yet unused. The hose can just be extended to its location so the indoor unit does not necessarily have to be near the outdoor unit. Let Wolff Mechanical manage the installation of your ductless mini split system Cave Creek AZ for great results.