Ductless air conditioning systems offer a reasonable solution when new ductwork is cost prohibitive. They provide cooling and heating to rooms without adding ducts, and the comfort of central air to rooms that aren’t connected to a primary system, like garages and additions.

Ductless System Basics

A ductless system consists of two units: an indoor air handler mounted on the wall, ceiling or floor; and an outdoor component consisting of a coil, compressor and coil fan. The outdoor coil and condenser unit of a multi-split model can accommodate up to five air handlers. Each air handler is controlled by an individual thermostat for maximum comfort.

Ductless Maintenance

Here are five simple tips to help maintain and troubleshoot your ductless air conditioner:

  1. Keep the compressor clean to prevent overheating. Ductless maintenance begins with a good cleaning. Clear dirt and debris from the area surrounding the compressor for best airflow. Wash the compressor with a garden hose every few weeks of use.
  2. Clean or change the air filter regularly. A dirty filter will restrict airflow and force the unit to work harder than it should.
  3. Ensure condensation has an appropriate way to run off. Clogged lines mean foul odors and possible damage to the unit and even the home itself.
  4. If the unit isn’t producing cold air, check the thermostat to ensure that it’s set correctly. When a certified technician inspects the system, he will check the thermostat for proper function and scan the room for proper circulation.
  5. If the unit won’t start, try the reset button on the remote control. If that doesn’t work, try replacing the batteries, and contact the manufacturer if the issue persists.

Regular ductless maintenance will help ensure a working life of 12 to 15 years while keeping your unit in optimal working condition. Schedule maintenance as advised by the manufacturer.

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