Ductwork Aging? Here's Why You Need to Replace ItIn our Central Arizona desert climate, about 50 percent of your utility costs are spent for cooling, and to a much lesser extent, heating. For these systems to work efficiently as possible, ductwork must be sealed and insulated. Over time, ductwork aging will occur, developing leaks and rendering it inefficient. Most homes have leaky ductwork and are losing precious airflow at your expense. This may cost you dearly each year, according to APS.com.

If your home has aging ductwork, replacement may be in order. Here are some things to consider when assessing the situation:

  • You may have areas or rooms in your home that are hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Your ductwork to these rooms may be cracked, disconnected or even have sections that are collapsed.
  • Consider the age of your ductwork. If it’s a decade or more old, some of it may be deteriorating badly and in need of repair or replacement. Some older insulation was made with asbestos fibers and should be replaced by technicians who know how to do this.
  • Check to make sure that your ductwork is insulated well, and that there are no leaks or areas where the insulation has opened or fallen off. Inspect the joints and areas where tape or sealant may be deteriorating. If you see standard duct tape, that’s a sign that the contractor cut corners during installation. Look for dust hanging out of openings as well as rust or corrosion.
  • Schedule an HVAC test of your ductwork to determine if it has adequate airflow. This test should determine what your ductwork needs, or even if a new air duct system is necessary.

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