What's Going on With Your Ductwork?A critical component to your HVAC system is its ductwork, as all conditioned air generated throughout the year passes through these ducts to reach each room within your home. Since tightly sealed ductwork is critical for efficient distribution of conditioned air, checking for and correcting any leaks is an essential component in HVAC system maintenance. Additionally, clean ducts ensure that your indoor air quality (IAQ) is not compromised by contaminants found in the unconditioned spaces of your home or within the ducts themselves.

Leaks in any of your ducts can cause up to 30% of the conditioned air passing through to be lost to your attic, crawl spaces, basement, or garage, increasing utility bills and decreasing the comfort inside your home. In addition, ductwork in need of cleaning or with any leaks provides an opportunity for dust, mold, mildew, and other contaminants to enter your living space, creating a health hazard by lowering your IAQ.

When there is any reason to suspect that your air ducts may be leaking or are in need of cleaning, homeowners can follow these simple steps to decide if it is time to contact a professional for a more thorough ductwork inspection, sealing, and/or cleaning:

  1. Remove the vent covers from the register vents in each room of your home.
  2. Stick your arm as far inside the vent as possible. With a point and shoot camera and a flash, take multiple photos of the inside of your ducts to check for cobwebs, debris, insect or mouse droppings and/or damage, etc.
  3. Analyze your photos and contact the necessary professionals. Dirty air ducts require assistance from an HVAC professional, but if you notice signs of an insect or rodent infestation,  contacting an exterminator to rid your home of these uninvited guests can help prevent the same problem from recurring.

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