Electronic Air Cleaners Can Keep Your Air Fresher During Phoenix's Dust StormsAs Phoenix residents, we live in a unique area of the country. One of the benefits of our location is gorgeous weather and beautiful desert scenery. However, dust storms can wreak havoc on residents with allergies or other breathing problems. This is where an electronic air cleaner can become quite important.

What is an electronic air cleaner?

An electronic air cleaner utilizes electrostatic attraction to remove particles from the air. Simply explained, this machine works similar to a magnet to help trap dust and allergens within the room and make them easy to dispose of.

There are two common types of air cleaners. The first are called electrostatic precipitators. These devices draw air into the mechanical unit and charge it with ions in order to cleanse it. The air is then passed over plates with an opposite ionic charge to help cleanse it. One downside to an electrostatic precipitator system is that these plates often need to be changed periodically by the homeowner.

The second type of air cleaner is called an ion generator. Unlike electrostatic precipitators, these cleaners add ions to the air, versus drawing it in. These ions then attach themselves to dust, debris, and pollen particles causing them to attach to drapes, the walls, or fall to the floor. While plates do not have to be changed often with this type of system, floors, walls and upholstery need to be cleaned often to completely eliminate the particles. 

How can homeowners benefit from an electronic air cleaner?

The present drought in the Phoenix area has increased the occurrence of dust storms. By removing or concentrating particles within the home, the air becomes cleaner and makes it easier for residents to breathe. Homeowners allergic to dust particles and/or those who wish to keep their spaces dust free should consider investing in one of these devices.

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