Energy-Saving Tips That Are Also GreenEven during our mild winters in Central Arizona, there is still plenty you can do in your home to continue a green lifestyle and save money at the same time. By following these energy-saving tips, you will be doing Mother Nature a favor, helping your household budget, and staying a little warmer this winter. Most of these tips also will save energy during our much longer cooling season.

  • Conserve energy with an Energy Star certified programmable thermostat. With a programmable thermostat you can pre-set temperature changes to fit your daily and weekly schedules without having to constantly adjust the thermostat manually. A typical program will set back the temperature several degrees while you’re away from home, so you’re not heating (or cooling) an empty house.
  • properly insulated home will use significantly less energy than one with insufficient insulation. Once your home reaches its ideal temperature, the insulation holds the warmth inside for a longer period. Insulation also helps keep out heat in the summer.
  • Add a humidifier to your arsenal of energy-saving tips. By adding moisture to the dry winter air, you will feel warmer, even though the thermostat may be set to a lower temperature.
  • Seal any air leaks that may let in drafts, and allow warm air to escape. Air leaks commonly occur around window seals, door frames and floor joists but can also be found at spots where wiring, vents or plumbing enter your home and where building materials meet on your home’s outer perimeter.
  • A simple way to save energy is by dressing a little warmer when you’re inside. While you don’t have to bundle up in the warmest coat, you can wear a nice long-sleeve shirt and lower the thermostat a degree or two.
  • Finally, make sure your furnace or heat pump is working its best. A well-maintained heating system uses less energy. Professionals recommend a yearly maintenance check-up before turning up the heat in the winter.

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