As energy prices continue to soar – along with the temperatures in Arizona – it has become imperative to seek out HVAC equipment that can mitigate these costs, increase household efficiency and lower your utility bill for long-term savings.

Contrary to what you may have heard, finding solutions to your household energy-efficiency problems is quite easy, and it comes in the simple form of the Energy Star label.

Energy Star was originally developed, among other reasons, to present consumers with a simple and transparent way of finding and purchasing energy-efficient systems that increase energy savings without forfeiting performance or convenience.

Having the Energy Star certification proves that your HVAC equipment has gone through the most rigorous efficiency-standards testing that the Environmental Protection Agency has available.

The label can be found on more than 60 categories of products, including all HVAC-related equipment. How can you benefit from the label?

  • It’s estimated that, on average, half of all the energy that homeowners use is dedicated to heating and cooling the home. With this glaring fact in mind, using an Energy Star-certified air conditioner, for instance, has the potential to produce significant annual savings.
  • You also may be eligible to receive government tax credits and rebates just for purchasing Energy Star-certified products.

If your current HVAC equipment does not have the Energy Star label, you have two preferred options. First, you can hire a technician to perform maintenance, so your equipment runs as efficiently as possible. Secondly, you can discuss possible replacement options with a qualified HVAC contractor if your equipment does not meet minimum efficiency standards or is no longer cost effective.

Interested in learning more about upgrading to Energy Star products, living in a more energy-efficient home and keeping more of your hard-earned money? Contact Wolff Mechanical to get started today.