Make Sure That Your Furnace Filter is Changed When Maintenance is DoneAre you scheduling maintenance for your furnace soon? Don’t forget to change the air filter. Changing the furnace filter is quick and inexpensive, but goes a long way to improve your air quality and protect the HVAC components. If you have done any repair or maintenance work to your heating and cooling system, this is the perfect time to replace the filter.

Air filters are rated for effectiveness by the MERV or Minimum efficiency reporting value. The scales runs from 1 to 16 with higher numbers being the most effective at trapping air pollutants. Several types of air filters are available for homeowners.

Furnace filter types

  • Fiberglass air filter – The most inexpensive option is the fiberglass filter. Large air pollutants can be trapped, but smaller dust particles and pollen can make it past the single panel design. Capable of preventing damage to your HVAC components, air quality can suffer with the fiberglass filter. The MERV rating runs from 1-4.
  • Pleated air filters – The pleated design gives this filter a larger filtering area. The result is pollutants of all sizes are captured and are not able to accumulate on HVAC components or affect air quality. The superior filtering ability makes this filter worth the slightly higher purchase cost. The MERV rating is 6-12 for pleated filters.
  • Washable filters – The time required for proper maintenance makes washable filters a poor option for most homeowners. The filter must be totally dried before re-installing or there is an opportunity for mold growth. Keeping a spare filter helps to control the time required for maintenance. The MERV rating is low at 1-4.
  • High-efficiency air filters – The very high 13-16 MERV rating attests to the extreme filtering capability of these filters. A very dense filter material impedes the airflow through the heating and cooling system causing strain to the system. Homeowners with special air quality concerns can benefit from high-efficiency air filters.

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