Turn On Your Gas Furnace Safely with these TipsGas furnaces need electricity for blower operation and other electrically-driven components. If you have temporarily lost power to your home, use these tips for turning on a gas furnace safely.

Turning On a Gas Furnace Safely

  • Make sure the thermostat selector switch is set to OFF.
  • Go to the circuit box in your home.
  • Locate the furnace breaker. It should be clearly marked on the panel. (If it is not, make sure to label it for future reference.)
  • Turn the breaker to ON position.
  • Locate and turn on the furnace switch. It looks like a standard light switch. It is usually located near or in the furnace room at eye level.
  • Go back to the thermostat and set the temperature about 4 degrees above the room temperature reading.
  • Set the thermostat selector switch to HEAT.
  • Your furnace should be turned on. If it is not, call your HVAC technician.

More Furnace Safety Tips

Regular furnace tune-ups are important to prevent serious furnace issues and accidents related to gas byproducts, and to drive fuel efficiency and comfortable heating. Take a few moments to review these safety and performance tips:

  • Check the battery on the carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. There should be a CO detector installed in or near each bedroom, and 5 to 10 feet from the access door of an attached garage.
  • Inspect the heat exchanger for cracks. Contact your HVAC pro is you see any.
  • The flame should be a sharp blue. Any other color indicates dirt and grime accumulation, and should be cleaned.
  • The flue or sidewall venting should be free of obstructions, such as animal nests and debris.
  • Make sure the front panel door is closed. Newer furnaces have a safety feature that prevents operation if it is open, but older furnaces may not.
  • Don’t store any flammable materials near the furnace.
  • Check the air filter regularly. A dirty air filter impedes airflow, reduces performance and increases electricity and fuel consumption.

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