If you think of your home as a system of integrated parts working together to maintain your indoor environment, you will be able to balance your energy use with your family’s comfort during every season of the year. The thermostat on your wall is only the most visible part of your total home comfort system. For optimum energy savings, you should keep every part of your home as a  system in mind, including the exterior shell of your house, including walls, roof, foundation and windows; the ductwork that serves your heating and cooling systems; the furnace, air conditioning or evaporative cooling equipment; and of course, the thermostat.

  • Be sure your house is well sealed and insulated. If it is not already up to the standards required for our Arizona climate, adding insulation to your attic can give you the best return on your energy savings investment. You should be sure doors, windows and other openings in your walls, floors and ceilings are sealed to prevent drafts. Using insulated window coverings on cold nights and managing draperies to block hot summer sunlight or to allow warm winter sunlight in can reduce your utility bills significantly.
  • Have your ductwork inspected. Keeping joints sealed and insulating ducts that run inside your attic or other unconditioned spaces will save energy and allow the ducts to deliver air at the proper temperatures to every room in your house.
  • Be sure to clean or replace your filters often to prevent accumulated dust from impeding airflow in your system.
  • Get your HVAC equipment inspected and repaired at least annually. Make sure all wiring is securely connected, fans and other moving parts are lubricated, and burners are cleaned and adjusted for safe combustion.
  • Finally, manage your thermostat for optimum energy use. Programmable thermostats set to automatically adjust the temperatures in several zones in your house are a good choice, but manually adjusting a single thermostat to match your comfort needs can also save money.

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