Efficiency in heating and cooling is a must for us here in Mesa so that we can keep our homes dependably comfortable year round for the lowest possible in energy costs. Upgrades in your heating and air conditioning systems will only do part of the job. Ductwork also must be carefully designed to ensure you are always in your comfort zone.

We at Wolff Mechanical Inc. are experts at designing high value duct systems. In fact, our technicians have earned a reputation for providing air duct design service Mesa AZ residents have made number one in the region.

In designing the ductwork for your home, we follow the best practices as laid down by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. These guidelines are exacting and specific in the design and installation of ducts for balance of airflow and superior efficiency.

Some duct installers do not follow these guidelines, and the result can be a stuffy or cold home and high energy bills. For example, size in important, but some contractors will determine the size of ductwork by using only the home’s square footage. There are homes, particularly older homes, that have hidden cavities in walls and other nooks and crannies used for air flow that also must be taken into account.

At Wolff Mechanical, we follow the design elements of the ACCA guidelines, which involve sizing, location, supply and return air flow, sealing, and damper installation for fine tuning. After size, the location of ductwork is vital, since putting them in areas such as attics or basements can expose them to extreme temperatures and will increase the likelihood that rooms away from the heating or cooling source will not be getting the full benefit of your energy dollars. Once located correctly, the ducts must be sealed tight.

Finally, balanced air pressure in and out must be achieved. This prevents a reduction in efficient operation and air infiltration, which will cause high energy bills.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with a technician, contact us at Wolff Mechanical Inc. We provide the air duct design service Mesa AZ trusts.