Want Reduced Energy Costs? Boost Home InsulationTo help keep your energy costs low this winter, you can boost home insulation. There are several ways of improving your insulation and keeping your energy bill from skyrocketing as the temperatures drop.

If you boost home insulation, you can keep cold air from moving into your home and keep the warm air from escaping outside. There are many small cracks and crevices in a building that can allow for this transfer, and the right insulation job can keep heat loss to a minimum. It will also allow your heat system to work at high efficiency, something which can keep maintenance issues to a minimum.

Having a well-insulated house means having insulation that covers top to bottom. The roof should have any cracks repaired, and insulation should be placed in the attic. Proper installation of loose-fill insulation is your best bet and can minimize the effects of winter. Your duct system should also be insulated.

If you have cathedral ceilings, you should take extra time to ensure that they are insulated correctly. Because heat rises, these high ceilings can be a major source of heat loss. A qualified technician can install the necessary insulation to keep your home a uniform temperature.

The exterior walls also need to be insulated, and densely-packed blow-in insulation is a good option for existing homes. New homes have a variety of insulation options with varying efficiency. Sometimes overlooked, floors above garages should be both sealed and insulated. For either new or existing homes, basement insulation is also important. In addition to keeping the rest of your house warm, it provides an extra living space in the cold temperatures. Insulating the exterior walls is ideal for homes under new construction, but existing homes should consider insulating the interior basement walls.

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