How Can Air Balancing Help Your HVAC System? Let Us Tell YouIf you notice varied temperatures in the different rooms of your Phoenix area home, even with a top notch heating and air conditioning system installed, it can mean that your HVAC system needs some air balancing. An HVAC system with unbalanced air flow can cause uneven heating and cooling, which can range from mildly annoying to desperately uncomfortable.

Luckily, this problem can be swiftly eliminated by following a few steps that will create a more balanced system. This will help your HVAC system heat and cool your household more evenly, which also prompts more efficient operating that can result in significant energy savings.

  1. Begin air balancing by finding where the biggest temperature variances occur. Do a walk through of your home and note which rooms tend to be coldest or warmest depending on the season. You’ll want to begin air balancing in these areas.
  2. Inspect the air registers in each room. Check to be sure that air register vents that allow air into the space are opened. In a lot of scenarios of unbalanced air flow, the problem arises from simply being unaware that certain room vents are closed.
  3. Inspect the return air registers. These should be free of any obstructions, like large furniture or overhanging draperies. Return registers must be fully open and free of obstructions so that they can pull in the correct amount of air.
  4. Experiment with partially closing vents in your home’s smaller and compact rooms. This can help redirect more air flow into your bigger spaces. For example, if a bathroom keeps a comfortable temperature, but the next door bedroom does not, you may try closing the bathroom vent partway to help redirect more air into the neighboring bedroom.
  5. Inspect your HVAC system for balancing dampers. Balancing dampers are installed in different areas of your home’s air ducts. They work to control how much air returns from the central system. If you don’t have balancing dampers installed, you may want to contact an HVAC contractor to see whether they may work for your household.

For more information about balancing air, contact Arizona HVAC experts at Wolff Mechanical.

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