Wolff Mechanical Inc. provides people with all their Scottsdale Air Conditioning Repair services. The heat in Arizona is not letting up yet, but luckily cooling days are in the future. Instead of running the air conditioning constantly there are many ways you can remain cool during the last days of summer. Staying hydrated, using fans and using other methods to remain cool can help save on electric bills. Today we would like to share six ways to stay cool while the summer heat continues.

6 Ways To Stay Cool

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  1. Try using the air conditioning unit less during the nighttime. The temperatures outside are cooler and keeping the home cooler at night is not as crucial.
  2. Heat rises is a scientific fact most of us all learned in grade school. One way to help lower energy bills is to close the vents on the lower levels of the home and allow the cooling effect to trickle from upstairs to the downstairs.
  3. Call Wolff Mechanical for a routine maintenance check up. Keeping your air conditioning unit running smoothly is a great way to keep it running efficiently and keep energy bills down. Check the ducts, make sure the unit is clear of debris, and check the filter.
  4. Another way to keep temperatures down in the home is to turn off all unnecessary lights. Another important lighting trick is to keep all the light from outside out the home by closing window blinds during the day.
  5. The thermostat needs to be regulated at all times. When you are not home keep the temperature at 85 degrees. When you return home to allow the home to cool off place the thermostat at 78.  Regulating the thermostat is important to keep energy bills down and to keep the home cool throughout the day.
  6. Fans are a great way to save on energy costs. Keep ceiling fans on at all times or invest in floor fans to place throughout the home.

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Wolff Mechanical is comprised a many talented professional air conditioning technicians. Our highly trained staff is available to help with all your air conditioning repair services. Please contact us today is you have any air conditioning repair needs.