Humidification: Some of the Many Benefits Moisture Provides in the Heating SeasonLow humidity is a year-round fact of life in Phoenix, but indoor humidification is particularly relevant during winter. As low temperatures dip into the 40s, many residents turn on the furnace. Forced-air heating reduces indoor humidity and dries the environment below the norm, even for this climate. Humidity inside airtight, energy-efficient homes can fall into the single digits, spawning a variety of physical discomforts and even maintenance issues with the home’s structure. The goal of humidification is to continuously replenish that lost humidity to healthy, comfortable levels. Home humidifiers treat air on an individual, room-by-room basis or as whole-house units that humidify the entire air volume of the home.

Here Are Some of the Benefits of Household Humidification:

  • Reduced respiratory ills. Dry, sore throats, sinus symptoms and coughing are frequent consequences of exposure to low-humidity conditions inside the confines of a home. Overly dry air is a known trigger of asthma. In dry conditions,dust and other particulates also remain airborne, leading to increased allergic sensitivity in susceptible individuals.
  • Cold and flu prevention. Recent studies have shown that cold and flu viruses survive longer and are more efficiently transmitted in dry air than in humidified conditions. Maintaining household air at the U.S. EPA recommended level of around 50 percent may reduce the incidence of these winter ills.
  • Skin comfort. Everyone knows dry skin seems worse in winter. It’s not the cold; it’s the reduced humidity. An indoor humidifier can eliminate this exposure and ease scratchy skin, chapped lips and existing conditions such as eczema.
  • Structural changes. Indoor wooden building materials also benefit from adequate humidification. In an enclosed, dehumidified environment, hardwood floors may shrink and gaps open up between planks. Paint also flakes more easily from dried-out wood, and clearance between movable surfaces of windows, doors and cabinets may enlarge as wood contracts.

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