08.12.14_73557214_Piotr MarcinskiInvesting in a humidifier for your Scottsdale home is an excellent way to put a halt to allergies year-round. Central Arizona is especially prone to dry weather that can crack your skin and aggravate allergy symptoms. A home humidifier is a great way of replacing the moisture you lose both in your body and your indoor environment.

Most people have a general familiarity with the small, portable types of humidifiers that can be used on a room-by-room basis. Users simply fill the unit’s tank with water, switch it on, and the portable humidifier fills the surrounding air with humidity until it gets switched off or runs out of water. Investing in a humidifier for your whole-house gives you a bit more control and the equipment is installed directly into your HVAC system. Humidity then gets introduced as water vapor into your home’s ductwork. You can monitor and control humidity levels with a thermostat, allowing you to achieve an ideal humidity balance based on your comfort levels.

Benefits of home humidifiers:

  • Health. Many airborne viruses thrive in low-humidity environments. This can increase the probability of occupants catching colds, the flu, and other respiratory ailments. An excessively dry environment can also make humans and pets more susceptible to infection. Adding more humidity into your household can lower the incidence of these aggravates.
  • Comfort. An overly dry air environment can trigger and exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms, such as sore throats, dry noses, and itchy, cracked skin. Humidifiers alleviate these annoyances by giving your body the extra moisture it craves.
  • Preservation. A good humidity balance isn’t just good for people, it’s great for your home’s furnishings and building materials too! The excessively dry air of Central Arizona can wreak havoc on sensitive home materials like wooden furniture, musical equipment, sensitive electronic devices, and your wooden flooring. Using a humidifier to ensure a more balanced home humidity can help protect your home’s structure and contents from the negative impacts of dry air.

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