HVAC Contractors Who Do This Should be AvoidedWhen you engage an HVAC contractor to work on your home’s cooling or heating equipment, you must be able to trust the company and the individual technicians. They’re working on a major system in your Central Arizona home, one that your family depends upon for comfort and safety. Sadly, there are some shady characters out there when it comes to heating and cooling services. HVAC contractors who do any of the following should be avoided:

Low Ball, High Risk

We all know the old saying stating that things that appear too good to be true usually are. That’s always the case when money’s in the mix. Of course, reputable contractors make special offers and introductory prices available as incentives, but wildly low-ball numbers should be treated with suspicion. Like any businessperson, an HVAC contractor has overhead costs, and even special offer pricing has to cover them. If you’re offered a tune-up for less than it costs the contractor to drive his van to your house, it’s likely his eventual ambition is to sell you products or services you may in fact not need, or he intends to take shortcuts on your job.

Employing ‘Rules of Thumb’

One common scam is to quote a rule of thumb stating that your HVAC installation must have a capacity of one ton per 400 square feet of treated living space (meaning that, if you live in a 3,000 square foot house, you need a six-ton A/C unit). This is simply not true. If your equipment isn’t performing as well as it should, it may indeed be the case that it’s wrongly sized. Reputable contractors will use precise load calculation software to figure out your home’s needs and the right-sized cooling or heating system.

Over the Phone

A third red flag is telephone solicitation. When it comes to an installation or major repair, no “expert salesperson” can tell what’s best for your home and budget from an office somewhere. Technicians need to be on-site and engaged to get recommendations right.

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