If You're Buying a New Home, Make Sure to Schedule an HVAC InspectionIf you’re buying a new or existing home, you’ll no doubt have it inspected to learn if it’s in good condition. Home inspectors give the entire structure and its systems a once-over to identify any obvious defects and concerns. But a general home inspection doesn’t include an in-depth evaluation of a home’s critically important HVAC system, which impacts your comfort, safety and energy costs. This makes scheduling an HVAC inspection by a knowledgeable professional essential to prevent the following problems after closing.

System Deficiencies

Home inspections only verify that the furnace and air conditioner start up as expected. With an existing home, you’ll also receive a seller’s disclosure that doesn’t tell you much more, since most homeowners aren’t HVAC experts.

Having an HVAC inspection can warn you whether there are functionality, safety or efficiency issues with any of the heating and cooling system components. In a newly-constructed home, you’ll know whether the equipment is sized accurately and installed correctly. With an existing home, you’ll also learn the equipment’s age and whether it’s well maintained.

Costly Equipment Breakdowns or Failures

Just because a home’s HVAC equipment cycles on or it’s brand new doesn’t mean it will operate reliably after you move in. If the equipment is incorrectly sized, improperly installed or in poor condition, you can end up facing the inconvenience and stress of breakdowns or failures, followed by expensive repairs or replacement. If you buy an existing home and HVAC deficiencies weren’t documented prior to closing, you’ll likely end up covering the associated costs.

Serious Health and Safety Issues

Having a newly constructed or existing home’s HVAC system evaluated can make you aware of health and safety concerns like insufficient ventilation, ductwork deficiencies, backdrafting combustion fumes, mold growth or a cracked or corroded heat exchanger. Knowing whether these issues exist in a home not only saves you inconvenience and expense, it also protects your family against possible exposure to allergens, biological contaminants and deadly carbon monoxide (CO).

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