It May Not Feel Like Fall, but It's Still Time to Schedule Your HVAC System MaintenanceWhen the cooling season runs down and the heating season has not yet begun, there’s a brief respite of beautiful weather that is also quite comfortable. Before the cold runs in and you need to get your furnace running again, it’s a great idea to schedule a maintenance visit.

Essential HVAC System Maintenance

Not all service packages will offer the same depth of maintenance, but most will cover these basic tasks:

  • Check thermostat function. Your thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system. A technician will typically make sure everything is set right and it is calibrated correctly.
  • Check electrical connections. It’s possible for metal connections to become loose or rusted over time. If there are issues with the connections, there could be safety concerns and performance problems. Your technician will tighten and fix any problems.
  • Lubricate as needed. There are many moving parts in your HVAC system. Making sure they are properly lubricated will extend the system’s lifespan and keep its performance high.
  • Replace the air filter. You should also be checking and replacing the air filter during the year, but your technician is likely to do it during a service visit as well. A clean filter is essential to operating at a high efficiency and keeping your HVAC system performing smoothly.

Heating Maintenance

Depending on the type of heating system you have, the maintenance tasks will vary. For a typical forced-air system, a technician should do at least the following:

  • Check exhaust outlets. Exhausts are important to relieve pressure from unwanted gases. If the exhaust is blocked or in bad condition, leaks and a buildup of dangerous gases could form.
  • Check connections and fuel lines. Any heat exchangers or burners in your system are closely related. Your technician will check fuel lines to ensure there are no dangerous leaks.

If you’re looking for trusted HVAC system maintenance for your Phoenix home, feel free to contact Wolff Mechanical and schedule an appointment.

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