Knowing These HVAC Terms Can Be of BenefitYour heating and cooling systems may seem complicated, but knowing the right terminology can be a huge benefit when diagnosing a problem or communicating with a HVAC professional. Here are some of the HVAC terms you should know:

BTU – A term used to rate water heaters based on their heating power. For example, a 50,000 BTU heater can raise the temperature of 500 pounds of water by 100 degrees in one hour.

Carbon monoxide – A clear, odorless gas that can cause serious harm. It’s created by burning natural gas, oil and other fuels. Reducing exposure to carbon monoxide is essential.

Compressor – A component of an air conditioner that produces and pumps cold air into the home.

Damper – A metal plate that allows you to control the airflow through your duct work, allowing you to target your heating and cooling to specific locations.

ENERGY STAR® – Products that receive this designation meet efficiency and performance standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Evaporator coil – This coil is designed to absorb heat inside the home. It’s usually attached to the furnace or air handler.

Heat pump – This is a HVAC unit capable of cooling and heating a home. It works by pumping heat in during the winter and moving it out during summer.

MERV rating – A rating system used to describe the size of holes in air filters. Higher ratings mean greater efficiency.

Programmable thermostat – A unit that allows the user to control the temperature during specific times of day. It can help homeowners conserve a lot of energy.

Refrigerant lines – Two copper lines that move refrigerant between outdoor HVAC units and indoor evaporator coils. Refrigerant is a chemical that has a cooling effect.

Two-stage operation – Air conditioners, furnaces, or other devices that can operate at both a high and low setting. Multiple stages allow for greater efficiency.

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