If There is Ice on Your A/C and Not in Your Cooler this Summer, There's a ProblemIf your air conditioner suddenly loses its cooling ability or stops running entirely, you may have an ice problem. If you discover an icy build-up on the A/C, shut off the unit immediately to avoid overworking the compressor. Running the A/C when it’s frozen can result in a costly repair or even a premature equipment failure that requires replacement.

There are a number of reasons why ice forms on an air conditioner and some are easy to correct, such as:

  • A dirty air filter. If the filter gets clogged with dirt and debris, it blocks vital airflow through the system, and this can lead to a build-up of ice on the coils. During the cooling season, it’s vital to check the filter monthly and replace/clean it when it looks dirty.
  • Obstructed supply or return vents. A balanced flow of air through the supply and return vents is critical to keep the cooling system operating properly. If a return vent is blocked, or some supply vents are closed, your A/C may be suffocating and you’ll see an icy accumulation on the coil.
  • Too low a thermostat setting. Dialing down the thermostat too far can lead to frost and ice on the indoor evaporator coil. You can prevent this by always keeping the thermostat set above 70 degrees. Installing a programmable thermostat and using it to adjust the indoor temperature automatically, according to your daily schedule, can eliminate the need to fiddle with the setting.

When to Call A Pro to Diagnose What’s Causing the Ice on Your A/C

If you’ve changed the filter, checked that the vents are unobstructed and your thermostat isn’t set too low, you need expert help to get the ice issue solved as quickly as possible so your comfort doesn’t suffer. Some of the common issues that only an HVAC professional should handle include a faulty fan motor or thermostat, a damaged or dirty indoor coil and a low refrigerant charge.

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