Keep A/C Use Down and Maintain Your CoolKeeping a central Arizona home cool during the summer can be a costly venture. The following are some tips to help you keep A/C use down while maintaining your cool.

Seal Duct Leaks

Your air ducts are the circulatory system for your air conditioner, delivering cool air throughout your home. Cracks or leaks in the ductwork allow valuable conditioned air to escape into parts of your home you don’t want to pay to cool, like your attic. Seal the duct leaks and keep the conditioned air where you want it.

Proper Insulation

Properly insulating the duct work prevents radiant heating and cooling. Additionally, proper insulation keeps conditioned air in your home better. You can have an energy audit to learn where you may need more insulation.

Energy Efficient Model

If your air conditioner is old, one of the best ways to keep A/C use down is to replace your old system with a more energy efficient model. Look for the EnergyStar label while you shop.

Programmable Thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat helps you to maintain a certain comfort level while you’re at home without using the same amount of energy while you’re away during the day. Set your thermostat a couple of degrees warmer than you’re used to. Your body will acclimate rather quickly and your energy savings will add up over the summer months.

Indoor Fans

Ceiling fans and oscillating fans help to circulate cool air throughout your home without adding much energy cost. Sitting near a fan is significantly cheaper than adjusting the thermostat for your entire home.

Window Treatments

Keeping your window treatments closed during the heat of the day prevents solar heating through your windows. Close the blinds or draw the curtains to protect your cool environment from radiant heat.

Shaded Landscaping

Another tip to keep A/C use down is to plant landscaping that provides shade for your home. Well-placed trees or shrubs provide natural beauty while simultaneously protecting your home from the direct rays of the sun.

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