Here in the Phoenix valley air conditioning is a necessity practically year round, so we’re always on the lookout for ways to lower our energy bills. Did you know that your ductwork can save you money? You can lose as much as 20 percent of your conditioned air through leaky ducts. Efficient ductwork design distributes conditioned air evenly throughout your home, so you have a comfortable, consistent temperature in every room.

  • Direct air distribution. We all know the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The most efficient ductwork design uses the fewest possible “turns” so air flows easily and quickly.
  • Proper balance. Your ductwork is a two-way system, distributing freshly conditioned air throughout your home and carrying “old” air back to your furnace or air conditioning unit via return air vents. In order for your system to work properly, vents must be correctly placed and the system must maintain neutral air pressure.
  • Thorough sealing. Leaks allow conditioned air to escape and can allow unconditioned air to enter the system, further lowering efficiency and increasing costs. Even the best sealed ducts may leak a little, but there are installation options that may enable you to recapture that leaked air.
  • Sufficient insulation.  Even if your ducts are well sealed, insufficient insulation will lead to inefficiency.
  • Proper size. Ductwork that is too small or too big for the job at hand just makes your system work harder and cost more.
  • Good support. Good ductwork design includes proper support to avoid shifting over time, which could result in leaks or loss of insulation.
  • You’re part of the system, too.  Make sure air vents are clean and not blocked by furniture, etc., doors remain open, and your home has enough insulation and windows don’t leak.

All these factors contribute to ductwork design that runs smoothly and cost-efficiently. You can read about more ways to save energy on our Wolff Mechanical website, and call on our team of experts to help assess exactly what is best for your home, whether you’re building new or simply want to get the most from your current system.

Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  

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