Your Indoor Air: When You Have Asthma, Low Humidity Is Just as Bad as High HumiditySometimes when humidity levels are high, the air can feel heavy and hard to breathe, especially if you have asthma. But did you know that very low humidity can be bad for your asthma, too?

When your indoor air humidity is too low, the mucus membranes that line your airways can dry out. This can quickly become a problem because it impairs one of the ways that your body defends itself against foreign bacteria and viruses. You may experience worsened allergy symptoms or an excessive cough, along with dry throat, itchy skin or chapped lips if your indoor air humidity is too low. You’ll also be more susceptible to catching viruses.

So what can you do? In addition to using an air-cleaning system, you can make the air more comfortable to breathe by increasing indoor air humidity with a humidifier. There are two main types of humidifiers to choose from, portable humidifiers and whole-house humidifiers.

Portable humidifiers work well if you need the humidity increased in a particular room or small area. They’re usually inexpensive and easy to set up. It helps to choose a model that features customizable settings for the air speed, a warning for low water levels, and automatic shut-off. They do require more maintenance, however, both in dumping the water bucket or periodic cleaning to prevent mold buildup.

For more extensive humidity control, consider having a whole-house humidifier installed by an SRP Certified Contractor. A central humidifier will efficiently increase the humidity throughout your entire home. Unlike portable humidifiers, a central humidifier is connected to your home’s forced-air system and plumbing so it won’t be sitting out in a room. Once it’s installed, you’ll probably forget it’s even there. With a simple annual check, it can be an efficient and low-maintenance way to control your indoor air humidity. Make sure to also seal your air ducts and have them cleaned to ensure you’re getting the best air quality possible for your asthma.

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