Moisture on Windows Could Mean a Huge Issue with Your A/CMoisture on windows forms when the moisture in the air inside your home comes into contact with the window panes. New generation houses use high quality materials and are tightly sealed thereby reducing energy consumption due to your HVAC system not having to work as hard to keep your home comfortable. The downside is that the amount of moisture in the air and the amount of condensation that can occur can dramatically increase in heated, unventilated and tightly sealed houses.

One of the functions of your air conditioning unit is to remove the moisture from the air. If your A/C is not operating efficiently the amount of condensation in your house will increase. If moisture on windows starts to form it is a good idea to check if your air conditioner is working properly.

A/C issues that may cause condensation problems

  • Dirty coils – when the coils are dirty they are not able to collect moisture from the air.
  • Dirty filters – air filters that are dirty will impede the airflow and prevent your A/C from operating efficiently.
  • Blocked condensate drain – a blocked condensate drain will prevent the air conditioner from removing sufficient amounts of moisture from the air and will increase condensation.

If you are unable to detect the problem that is causing the moisture on windows in your home to form, contact your local professional HVAC contractor for assistance. It is important to rectify the problem before the excessive condensation starts to damage your home or cause health risks.

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