Need a New Water Heater? Tips to Finding the Right One for Your HomeWhen shopping for a new water heater it is important to buy one that can provide an adequate supply of hot water while using the least amount of power. There are several new water heater options available on the market that cater to all of the types of fuel including solar energy, propane, natural gas, electricity, fuel oil and geothermal energy. Consider the required size, installation costs, maintenance costs, operating costs, type of fuel, energy efficiency and the availability of fuel in your area when making a decision.

Types of New Water Heaters

  • Storage water heaters – can use natural gas, propane, fuel oil or electricity as an energy source. This water heater costs less to install, but the standby heat loss can lead to higher energy usage.
  • Tankless water heaters – more energy efficient than storage water heaters but the limited flow rate of hot water may cause problems when you need the simultaneous, multiple uses of hot water.
  • Heat pumps – high level of energy efficiency but heat pumps exhaust cold air, and this can add to the load of your HVAC unit during cold periods when you use heating.
  • Solar water heaters – fifty percent more efficient than gas or electrical water heaters, but may require a backup system for cloudy days.
  • Tankless coil and indirect water heaters – these types of water heaters have lower installation and maintenance costs than most other types of water heaters, but they are not suited for warm climates.

If you need someone to help you choose the best new water heater for your home, contact your local professional HVAC contractor for guidance. Be sure to check for local rebates and tax credits that may be available for the installation and use of energy efficient water heaters.

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