Your Photovoltaic System: Terms You Should KnowOver the long term, solar photovoltaic systems are a great money saver, but they’re quite different from a traditional residential electrical system. Learning a few photovoltaic system terms can help you understand more about your system and better determine when maintenance is necessary.

Photovoltaic System Terms

  • Photovoltaic effect: The process by which solar energy is absorbed and converted into electricity by certain materials.
  • Photovoltaic cell: An assembly that generates electricity using photovoltaic materials.
  • Photovoltaic module: A group of photovoltaic cells wired together to create a finished panel at a desired wattage.
  • Photovoltaic array: A group of photovoltaic modules wired together to create a larger photovoltaic system.
  • Grid-connected or grid-tied: A home connected to the local or regional electrical grid, with a photovoltaic system used to reduce grid usage. In these homes, surplus power can usually be sold back to the electric company.
  • Stand-alone or off-grid: A house that uses only a photovoltaic system for electricity and which isn’t connected to the grid. These houses can power themselves even in an electrical outage.
  • Battery: The storage medium for the electricity generated. Typically, deep-cycle batteries are used.
  • Charge controller or charge regulator: A device that monitors battery voltage, and disconnects the photovoltaic array when the batteries are full.
  • Inverter: Converts the DC power from the photovoltaic array into AC power for household use.  The inverter typically incorporates a circuit to shut the power off when the voltage at the batteries becomes too low.
  • Load: The total electrical usage of devices connected to the system.
  • Voltage: The amount of force exerted upon the electrons in an electrical circuit, measured in volts.
  • Amperage: The volume of electrons flowing through an electric circuit, measured in amperes.
  • Wattage: The rate of energy transfer in an electric circuit, measured in watts. To find the wattage of an appliance, multiply volts by amperes.
  • Alternating current or AC: Electric current that flows in one direction, then reverses direction at a regular frequency. The power grid uses alternating current.
  • Direct Current or DC: Electric current that flows from positive to negative. The batteries and photovoltaic system operate on direct current.

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