Before Building a New Home or Adding to Your Current, Plan Your HVAC SystemCareful planning when expanding your HVAC system can bring big savings, lower pollution emissions and decreased energy use for your Scottsdale home. The secret to success is to plan your HVAC system in specific stages, working out the details on paper before committing to real money and hardware.

HVAC Piece by Piece

HVAC refers to a system’s ability to heat, ventilate and air condition. Each area can yield lifelong savings and reduce energy consumption if you treat all aspects of your home simultaneously. Add to these three areas the concept of control, and you have the keys to a great HVAC system.

  • Heating: This refers to the furnace, boiler or heat pump.
  • Ventilation: Begin by sealing your home against unwanted air leaks. This includes sealing your home’s ductwork, air handler, whole-house fan and windows. Humidifiers, dehumidifiers and air cleaners are also part of the ventilation system.
  • Air Conditioning: In the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, this is practically a requirement for comfort. Your A/C may be a central air conditioner or a heat pump in cooling mode.
  • Controls: Computer-driven programmable thermostats, “smart boards” on your furnace and air conditioner and computer-controlled dampers on ductwork all increase energy efficiency and lower energy costs.

HVAC Step by Step

To plan your HVAC system, get your HVAC contractor, architect and general contractor together as early as possible. They should set goals together, such as reducing energy usage. The next steps will draw on skills from different professionals:

  • Determine heating and cooling loads—Your HVAC or mechanical contractor will work with your architect to accomplish this.
  • Select the right-size HVAC components—To ensure efficient operation, avoid oversized or undersized equipment. Enlist your HVAC contractor to guide your selection.
  • Give some thought to peak and non-peak usage—When your HVAC system is not operating at full load, how efficient is it? When you plan your HVAC system, consider variable-speed equipment or a two-stage furnace for maximum efficiency.

For more guidance when you’re ready to plan your new HVAC system, turn to Wolff Mechanical, Inc. today.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the Phoenix Valley area of Arizona about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

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