With winter on the horizon, the temperatures will soon be dropping substantially. Though you may be more concerned with how well your heating system is prepared to keep you and your family warm, it is also important to remember to protect your cooling system from the cold weather. It’s simple, inexpensive and the minimal costs involved can save you a great deal of money that you would have to spend fixing your cooling system come springtime. Follow these tips to protect your cooling system this winter. 

Shut off the power. By shutting the power off to your cooling system, you will be sure that it will not accidentally get turned on at some point during the winter. It can be dangerous if it does because it starts to use water to create cool air and this water can freeze in the winter. If this happens, it can cause major damage to your condenser.

Clean the outdoor unit. Sweep away debris like grass, twigs and dirt so that they don’t get in and interfere with its performance once you begin to use it again. Before freezing temperatures arrive, spray the fins down with your water hose to knock off any caked on dirt.

Inspect the casing. Cracks or deterioration caused by rust need to be addressed by an HVAC specialist immediately so that you are able to protect your cooling system as best as possible.

Cover your outdoor unit. You should get a breathable cover that will keep out the elements and prevent moisture from accumulating underneath it. They are inexpensive and can be used for years to come.

These tips will keep your cooling system ready to go come springtime and won’t leave you surprised with any unexpected damage that could be costly to repair. For more tips on how to protect your cooling system from the winter weather, contact Wolff Mechanical today. We have proudly served the Phoenix Valley for over 20 years.