A Refrigerant Charge for Your A/C Can Keep You From Feeling the Summer HeatYour Phoenix home air conditioner and refrigerator both require a correct refrigeration charge for their efficient operation. This refrigerant charge denotes the amount of refrigerant gas within the system. The process of refrigerant charging involves refilling these gasses whenever system leaks and/or repairs have caused depleted amounts.

How can I tell if my system requires charging?

Low refrigerant amounts in your home A/C can manifest in a few ways. The most noticeable of which is when warm, and sometimes even hot, air blows out your vents. Another notable symptom is a complete freezing over of your outside unit. A system freeze-up can cause your A/C to completely malfunction and automatically shut off. Other less severe symptoms include reduced temperatures from your condenser fan, lower system efficiency, iced-up coils, and an oily-like reside on the system’s pipes.

An air conditioner without the right refrigerant charge will also consume more energy, resulting in higher energy bills and a decreased ability to provide the necessary dehumidification to keep your household feeling comfortable.

How does refrigerant charging work?

If you suspect your systems needs a charge, it’s important to contact a local HVAC technician to fully inspect your cooling system and add refrigerant as necessary. This is because refrigerant is extremely hazardous and requires sensitive handling. Qualified technicians will carefully use a sealed bulk refrigerant container or charging kit for the recharge. This equipment contains the necessary refrigerant charging manifold, hoses, valves, and gauges to properly perform the job. The pressure gauges will be used to verify current refrigerant levels, and a Schraeder valve and compressor will be utilized to add refrigerant gas in small increments. Between each addition of gas, the A/C will be briefly switched on to allow the new amounts to settle. When the pressure corresponds with the A/C’s recommended manufacturer specifications, the charging process is complete and the container or kit is removed.

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