Deciding to Repair or Replace AC System

When Wolff Mechanical’s team of air conditioning experts come out to your home, we never pressure to replace Phoenix AC systems when a repair may be a better option for both cost and efficiency. We utilize a 17 point scale to effectively to assess all of your heating and cooling needs. We also evaluate your home based on a dedicated analysis of indoor and outdoor conditions and optimal running settings. With key consideration placed on the age of your equipment and SEER, also known as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, our expert AC technicians are trained and certified to give you the most complete air conditioning evaluation and recommendation if a replacement or repair is needed.

3 Factors To Consider

1. Life Expectancy

One of the most common factors that come in to play when considering if a repair or replacement is life expectancy. Typically, most ac units last 8-12 years if properly maintained. For each additional year past that time frame, they often become more and more expensive to maintain due to worn out parts, expired warranties, and discontinued internals. As a result, age is especially important to consider when your unit is nearing its projected life expectancy.

2. Efficiency

When choosing to repair or replace an aging unit, it is important to assess the SEER – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio – of your current air conditioning system. Specifically, even a complete overhaul of your existing unit will only achieve the SEER rating of when it was originally manufactured. One way to understand these ratings is to consider your unit; let’s assume your current air conditioning system is rated 10 S.E.E.R. and a new unit is rated at 14 S.E.E.R. Given the large jump in ratings, it can be assumed that a new unit will result in 40% more energy efficiency throughout its lifespan and will essentially pay for itself in potential energy savings.

3. Current Condition

Be sure to consider the current condition of your air conditioning system. Specifically, factors such as refrigerant used, maintenance history, and indoor as well as outdoor conditions are all key indicators. It is also important to asses how your AC unit will hold up when nearing its age expectancy based on the previous conditions. If your air conditioning unit has been poorly maintained or has had a steady record of breaking down during peak usage months, even a complete overhaul of your current system may prove too costly to warrant repair.

Consider AC System Repair If:

  • You have an older unit with R-22 Freon
  • Your home is not maintaining the desired temperature
  • Your utility bills are high
  • Your system has needed major repairs
  • Your system is over 8 years old
  • You want to increase the value of your home
  • You desire cleaner air in your home


Replacement Benefits

  • Higher S.E.E.R. efficiency rating
  • Repairs under warranty
  • Design and aesthetic improvements
  • Health benefits and air purification
  • Improved indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Comfort and noise levels are addressed
  • Consistent performance and airflow
  • Code and safety concerns are met



Our certified technicians are experts when it comes to HVAC repairs and air conditioning systems. We can help you with your options when making this decision. Contact Wolff Mechanical for all of your Phoenix heating and air conditioning needs!