Wolff Mechanical offers Scottsdale air conditioning repair services. There are many air conditioning issues a person can fix on their own at home, changing the air conditioning filter for example. There are certain air conditioning issues thought that require the assistance of an air conditioning professional. With summer in full swing keeping the air conditioning running properly is important for those living in Arizona in order to remain comfortable in 100 plus degree weather. Here are a few air conditioning problems you may face that require the help of Wolff Mechanical.

Wolff Mechanical Inc.

1. The unit isn’t cooling

If your air conditioning unit is not cooling, it may mean that a part, such as the condenser or the evaporator, needs cleaning. Check to see if any weeds are blocking the condenser. Then, try lowering the temperature a few degrees. If none of these solutions work, it may indicate issues with your compressor, or it may signify that you’re low on refrigerant. Both of these problems require the assistance of a licensed professional.

2. The compressor isn’t running

If your compressor is faulty, you should contact a professional. The installation of a new compressor is not a simple task, and trying to fix the problem yourself may lead to more issues.

3. Refrigerant leaks

You should leave anything dealing with refrigerant to the pros. Whether it’s leaking or it’s just low, you should leave refilling to a person certified and trained to work with refrigerant.

4. Motor problems

Just like an automobile, a central air conditioning unit has a motor. And just like an automobile engine, they’re complicated to work with, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Since any number of problems may be plaguing the motor, leave the diagnosis and repair to someone skilled in HVAC repair. Oftentimes, you can replace one part rather than replace the entire motor and save yourself money in the long run.

5. The problem is unknown

Never try fixing the A/C if you don’t know what’s wrong with it. You can do way more damage than the initial problem. Additionally, you’ll waste time and money on new parts. Make sure you clean the unit, filters and other components and remove anything blocking the unit. These simple fixes help to increase the efficiency of the device and may correct certain issues like the unit not cooling properly.

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