Anything that leaks costs money. If the gas line in your vehicle, your water pipes or your car tire leak, it costs you. The same situation applies to your ductwork. Studies have shown that an average home loses about 20 percent of its conditioned air before it even enters the habitable spaces. That’s 20 percent of what it costs you to stay warm or cool.

We all tend to give little thought to ductwork. It’s hidden away, and because we rarely ever see it, we never think about it. Ducts can become separated and loose in a lot of areas. Here are just some of the places where you could be losing your air:

  • Registers. Ductwork ends at registers. It is there where the air flows into the room. If not sealed properly, a separated register can spill air inside the walls, under the floor or into the attic.
  • Joints. Where two sections of duct join, they often separate. Particularly in older homes, the sealing may have become compromised and failed. Even joints that look OK can be bleeding away your warm or cold air. Just because they look connected doesn’t mean they are sealed.
  • Flexible ducting. Flexible ducting is used in areas where straight ducts won’t work. This type of ductwork is thin, and holes can appear. Kinks in flexible ducts can also reduce air flow.

Other things can happen, as well. Ducts can sometimes rust in humid areas. This can cause holes to develop. Wherever conditioned air can leak out, air from the outside can get in. This can create a problem with dust, dirt and even insects getting into your duct system.

Sealing your ductwork can noticeably lower your energy bills. You can check the visible areas for leaks, but it takes a professional to find leaks in areas you can’t see.

If you suspect leaking ducts in your home, contact our staff at Wolff Mechanical. We have equipment to find both the visible and the hidden leaks. For more information on sealing you ducts, call us. We’re always ready to answer your questions.

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