A Solar Air Conditioner Could Brighten Your Day and Lower Your BillsWhen the Phoenix sun starts beating down relentlessly, turning on the air conditioner is a must. But all that energy usage quickly adds up, causing many people stress about paying high cooling bills. Have you considered a solar air conditioner? It could be the answer to keeping your home cool and your costs low. Consider if a solar air conditioner is right for you:

  • Does your home have a south-facing spot where the sun burns down without fail? Adequate sun exposure is a must for optimizing the effectiveness of a solar A/C unit.
  • Are you willing to invest a little more money upfront to reap savings in the future? Solar units can reduce cooling costs up to 50 percent and you could be eligible for tax credits. There truly is no need for large, over-sized air conditioners that cool your home at the cost of extremely high energy usage.
  • Can you work with a trained professional to help you successfully choose and install the right system for your family? It’s important to correctly place and set up your solar A/C unit for optimal performance and savings to you.

As with any A/C unit, proper maintenance and upkeep is critical to keeping your A/C working properly and efficiently. Work with your contractor to set up a maintenance schedule that will ensure your home stays cool and your wallet stays a bit fuller.

How Does Solar A/C Work?

Solar technology is innovative and dynamic, constantly becoming more costly and efficient. Traditional air conditioners provide cooling by pulling warm air into the unit where it passes through a series of coils in a compressor, blowing back out as cold air. Refrigerant runs through the compressor, absorbing all the hot air. The refrigerant must heat to a temperature of 170 degrees in order to perform properly. Energy from the solar panel helps to heat the refrigerant, using less electricity than conventional air conditioners.

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